What is WhatsApp Spyware and Why Would the NSO Group Sell Spy Software to Hackers?

The NSO group is an Israeli cyber surveillance firm that develops and sells what’s known as whatsapp spyware. Recently, there were reports that the NSO group was collaborating with hackers. This is because they had previously sold this spyware to law enforcement agencies and governments. However, as hackers continue to increase, the company may be cooperating with cybercriminals instead of focusing on legitimate users. So, why would the NSO group sell their spyware to cybercriminals?


The customer support of mSpy is excellent. The support team has a fast response time and multiple contact avenues to address your queries. If you are unable to install the software on the targeted device, you can freeze and unfreeze the account. This way, you can view all the

WhatsApp messages, calls and contacts, even when the monitored device is in its sleep mode. This way, you can easily prevent your employee from using social media apps while on the job.

mSpy is a cell phone tracker that can access massive amounts of data from the target device.

Among these features are call recordings, media files and GPS location tracking. It comes with 30 monitoring features. It is easy to install, works on both Android and iOS devices, and doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting. However, you will need physical access to the target phone in order to install mSpy.

Another feature of mSpy is that you can spy on private chats. Whether the user is your spouse or your child, spying on their WhatsApp messages can help you uncover who’s cheating and prevent any future issues. You can even use the program to stop cyberbullying. You can spy on a person’s personal details to monitor any potential cyberattacks. You can also spy on children to ensure they are not being bullied online.

Auto Forward

What is Auto Forward? Essentially, it’s a spy app that retrieves all data from the target device and transmits it to an online dashboard. Once installed, this software allows its users to monitor the contents of any phone, from social networks such as Facebook to text messages. It also supports Skype, LINE, Telegram, Kik, Tinder, and Hangouts. This is a highly efficient spy tool that enables users to monitor any conversation from any device.

Parents and business owners can make good use of Auto Forward Spy. This app can be installed on a target device easily and allows them to monitor the activities of their employees and loved ones. Employers can monitor staffs using Auto Forward Spy, since it gives them peace of mind. What’s more, it allows them to track the device from their own device, and receive valuable information in return. They can view text messages, GPS locations, and more.

As with most cell phone spy apps, Auto Forward is easy to install and offers handy features. It lets you track a target user’s GPS location, phone calls, SMS messages, social media chats, and even emails. While Auto Forward is a popular spying app, there are mixed reviews on it. Although it claims to have more than a million happy users, the program’s effectiveness and reliability have yet to be proven.


Pegasus is whatsapp spyware that infects a phone by exploiting a vulnerability in the operating system. As the phone’s user does not know about this attack until the device is examined in a digital security lab, the attackers are able to hide their presence. The most obvious way to protect yourself from Pegasus infection is to simply avoid using your phone or switching to an old handset. While this will minimize the risk of infection, it won’t make your device completely insecure.

The NSO Group markets Pegasus as “technology used by government agencies to prevent terrorism and investigate crimes.” While this is not a guarantee that these governments are moral, some governments, like Saudi Arabia, are using Pegasus to spy on academics, journalists, and union officials. These countries spend millions of dollars to purchase Pegasus, can I see someone’s text messages without their phone and there is no way to tell how many people have been targeted with it.

The lawsuit against Pegasus has forced Facebook to suspend the social network’s services in India. The company explains that the Pegasus spyware is targeting human rights activists and journalists. While it is unclear how the spyware is used, Facebook is pursuing the case to protect its users. The lawsuit will require a trial judge to decide whether to grant Pegasus conduct-based immunity to the NSO group or to Facebook.